We’re just as adept at saving the planet as we are at saving you money.

We have resources to save our resources.

At Browning we understand sustainability to be development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The future starts today. Humans and nature must exist in productive harmony so that we have, and continue to have, water, material and resources down the road. Whether it’s higher ed, retail, healthcare or warehouse and distribution assignments, we are always mindful of our impact on tomorrow. Our LEED certification on several construction projects is testament to our interest and vigilance in this area.

LEED Certified Projects
  • Seng-Liang Wang Hall (516 Northwestern) LEED Gold certification
  • Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences Marian University, LEED Gold certification
  • Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center, LEED Gold certification
  • Amazon.com at Anson, LEED Gold certification
  • Lake City Bank Carmel, LEED Silver certification
  • Amazon.com at Airtech Park, LEED Silver certification