Ego has its place. It’s anyplace but here.
  • Michael G. Browning
    Michael G. Browning
    Chairman of the Board
  • John Hirschman
    John Hirschman
    President and CEO
  • Scott Hirschman
    Scott Hirschman, AIA, NCARB
    President, Construction
  • Adam Chavers, Chief Development Officer
    Adam Chavers
    Chief Development Officer
  • Mark Susemichel, Chief Development Officer
    Mark R. Susemichel
    Chief Development Officer
  • Joe Aimone, Field Superintendent
    Joe Aimone
    Field Superintendent
  • Mark Amos, Property Manager
    Mark Amos
    Property Manager
  • Pamela Black, Accounts Payable & HR Specialist
    Pamela Black
    Accounts Payable & HR Specialist
  • Tom Bothwell, Field Superintendent
    Tom Bothwell
    Field Superintendent
  • Matt Brauer, Director of Development
    Matt Brauer
    Director of Development
  • Ken Carnagua, Field Superintendent
    Ken Carnagua
    Field Superintendent
  • Kristy Carter, Senior Asset Manager
    Kristy Carter
    Senior Asset Manager
  • Jeff Childers, Field Superintendent
    Jeff Childers
    Field Superintendent
  • Tammy Chumbley, Administrative Assistant & Project Coordinator
    Tammy Chumbley
    Administrative Assistant / Project Coordinator
  • John Cohoat, Vice President of Development
    John Cohoat
    Vice President of Development
  • Eric Crouch, Field Superintendent
    Eric Crouch
    Field Superintendent
  • John Dick, Field Superintendent
    John Dick
    Field Superintendent
  • Erin Drake, Director of Marketing
    Erin Drake
    Director of Marketing
  • Zachary Hanson, Project Coordinator
    Zachary Hanson
    Project Coordinator
  • Jerry Harper, Director of Safety & Field Operations
    Jerry Harper
    Director of Safety & Field Operations
  • Terry Hebert, Vice President of Pre-Development
    Terry J. Hebert
    Vice President of Pre-Development
  • Brandon Hill, Project Coordinator
    Brandon Hill
    Project Coordinator
  • Korine Hoskins
    Korine Hoskins
  • Douglas Kelly, Director of Pre-Construction
    Douglas Kelly
    Director of Pre-Construction
  • Loretta Keys
    Loretta Keys
    Senior Accountant
  • Tyler Klaehn, Director of Finance
    Tyler Klaehn
    Director of Finance
  • Craig Koch, Project Manager
    Craig Koch
    Project Manager
  • Matthew R. Lesher
    Matthew Lesher
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Stephanie Lewis, Construction Accountant
    Stephanie Lewis
    Construction Accountant
  • Austin May, Project Coordinator
    Austin May
    Project Coordinator
  • Lee McKnight
    Lee McKnight
    Accounting Assistant
  • David McMath, Project Manager
    David McMath
    Project Manager
  • Jonathan McNabb, Junior Project Manager
    Jonathan McNabb
    Junior Project Manager
  • Brett Miller, Project Manager
    Brett Miller
    Project Manager
  • Rich Moore, Project Manager
    Rich Moore
    Project Manager
  • Alan Mossburg, Field Superintendent
    Alan Mossburg
    Field Superintendent
  • Kristy Myers
    Kristy Myers
    Administrative Assistant
  • Ben Nix, Controller
    Ben Nix
  • Andrew Perry, CCIM, Director of Portfolio Management
    Andrew Perry
    Director of Portfolio Management
  • Kim Reeves, Vice President, Development Services
    Kim Reeves
    Vice President, Development Services
  • Chad R. Robertson, Project Manager
    Chad Robertson
    Project Manager
  • Shannon Rogers, Executive Assistant
    Shannon Rogers
    Office Manager and Executive Assistant
  • Gus Rubi, Junior Field Superintendent
    Gus Rubi
    Junior Field Superintendent
  • Kurt “Thor” Russell, Junior Field Superintendent
    K. Thor Russell
    Junior Field Superintendent
  • Jeremiah Sauer, Junior Field Superintendent
    Jeremiah Sauer
    Junior Field Superintendent
  • Brianne Schneckenberger, Director of Accounting
    Brianne Schneckenberger
    Director of Accounting
  • Nathan Shutt, Field Superintendent
    Nathan Shutt
    Field Superintendent
  • Jason Smith, Project Coordinator
    Jason Smith
    Project Coordinator
  • Micah Songer | Director of Pre-Construction
    Micah Songer
    Director of Pre-Construction
  • Jordan Studebaker, Project Coordinator
    Jordan Studebaker
    Project Coordinator
  • Tara Wagoner, Controller
    Tara Wagoner
  • Boyd Warner, Junior Estimator
    Boyd Warner
    Junior Estimator