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Structuring for ongoing impact

Hire the best people and allow them to deliver real impact. That’s how you make great things happen. That belief has driven Browning’s 40 years of growth and solidified its reputation as a mid-sized company that outperforms. By embracing that approach, we’ve been able to collaborate with customers and partners on game-changing commercial real estate projects that strengthen communities.

To ensure we continue to drive that kind of impact, we’ve made a few changes at Browning … changes that allow our team to put its skills, experiences, expertise and relationships to the greatest use.

Impact requires recognition

To reward some of our top performers, we’re promoting them into positions of greater responsibility and impact. In recognition of their work ethic, creativity, integrity, teamwork and project successes (really, we could go on all day …), Browning has promoted John Cohoat and Dale Pfeifer to Vice President of Development, and Terry Hebert to Vice President of Pre-Development.

Growth requires structure

To ensure our organization is structured for the most efficient and effective operation, we have created two new roles: Adam Chavers and Mark Susemichel have been named Chief Development Officers. They each will continue to work on their respective projects, but they also will have primary responsibility for the success of the development team and its individual members.

Growth requires growth

To make sure we have the human resources needed to deliver everything our customers and partners expect when working with Browning, we have recently added six new members to our team.

Eric Smith has joined Browning as an Assistant Field Superintendent, Bill Niehaus has signed on as Maintenance Engineer, Zachary Hanson is a new Project Coordinator, Tyler Klaehn is our Finance Manager; and Boyd Warner will start as a Jr. Estimator in May.

We are Browning

Even as we make these changes, you can count on the things that define Browning to stay the same: We will always work with customers and partners to strengthen communities by developing, building and managing game-changing commercial real estate projects. Count on Browning to deliver big projects, structure complicated deals and exceed expectations. Remember: If you’re ready to move dirt, you can call anyone.  If you want to move mountains, call Browning.

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